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KAFF symbolizes a quest to offer world class Kitchen Appliances & Built in Kitchen Systems. KAFF products are lifestyle statements & stand apart from the gamut of brands available in the market.
KAFF high quality Kitchen solutions are characterized by precision, processing, great versatility, style and well thought out designs. All products facilitate the work and increase the joy in the Kitchen. Kaff’s experience of decades of technological know how, perfect production, high level innovation, are the pillars that create the success of the Company.

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Ebco is India’s leading manufacturer in the furniture hardware industry. Today, Ebco’s product range spans Drawer Slides, Hinges, Computer Furniture Fittings, Joinery Fittings, Wardrobe Fittings, Furniture Locks, Kitchen Systems and Accessories, Window and Door Fittings, Architectural Fittings, LED Lights and more. Ebco has also partnered with world renowned market leading brands. Over the past two years, Ebco have significantly widened the range of products with a special focus on the Kitchen Hardware and Accessories segment.

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Hettich India Pvt. Ltd. a Joint Venture between Hettich Group, Germany and the Saroj Poddar Group, was set up in 2000-01, is a market leader by a wide margin, with a sustained profitable growth year after year.This is where you will find ideas, inspiration and planning options illustrating what your furniture could look like with Hettich fitting technology. Use our ready made lists of timbers and fittings as well as detailed drawings and associated, high resolution picture material.

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Elica kitchen hoods are tailored to be in sync with your cooking needs. Elica understands the importance of having a completely noise and odour-free cooking experience. This is why, the range of kitchen hoods we offer, are designed using innovative technological solutions to lower the noise levels and purify the air that flows in the kitchen. he hoods presented by Elica are the quietest that you will ever come across as they are equipped with Elica Deep Silence System. The technology integrated in them is dedicated to provide you with a peaceful cooking experience.

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It started in the month of Oct 2003, when I was working with EID parry. I was based in Ludhiana and looking after Punjab sales. One day the top management reshuffle the entier sales team of north India and I was given a chance to go to Mumbai , that moment I decided to start my own. I first spoke to my wife regarding leaving the company and starting my own. She reluctantly said yes. I was confident. Mujaddid, my son, was three that time. I actually stayed for 7 years with EID. My journy started right after my MBA from AMU, Aligarh. I worked with many companies right from 1992 to 1996, and landed a job with EID parry where I stayed maximum of my working life. It was very hard to leave a well established working life with a big comapny. I left EID parry and came back to Delhi.

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